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Summer Stories

Every Thursday for the rest of the year and through all of 2017, explorer Zeke365 will be hosting an event called "Summer Stories" where he will read various works of Myst/URU-related fiction written by fans.

The readings will be held in either the Cavern Events' Hood or the Shorah gah Bigtotee's Hood every Thursday at 17:00 KI time and lasting for about two hours.

Due to the alternating hoods, there will be an announcement each week as to which hood the event will be located.  It will most likely be announced in this forum thread (skip to the last page).

The stories will be read over voice chat by either Zeke or Susa'n (a member of the Shorah gah Bigtotee's Hood).  If an explorer has a piece of fiction they would like to read themselves, they can contact either Zeke or Susa'n and set something up.

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Cavern Events' Hood/Shorah gah Bigtotee's Hood
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Se répète toutes les semaines chaque Jeudi jusqu'au Mar Jan 02 2018 .
Juin 30, 2016 - 17:00 - 19:00
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Portrait de Doobes

All Guilds Meeting - June 2016

Much to talk about in the cavern these days.  With Obduction just over the horizon, there's certainly no lack of activity in the Myst/URU community!  As such, this month's All Guilds Meeting had a few interesting bits of information.

Of course, we have our usual raw and cleansed chatlogs courtesy of Korov'ev, plus a handy summary of what was discussed.


Hoikas was first to the stage to mention that work on version 4 of Korman, the Guild of Writers' latest Age-building plugin for Blender, was coming along nicely.  The biggest addition will be sounds along with a few other goodies.  There will be a full report on the update when it releases.

Cavern Events' Hood Lire la suite

All Guilds Meeting – May 2016

Things are evidently not the same without moderator Korov’ev – in his absence, guest moderator Christian Walther led one of the shorter All Guilds Meetings in history. The raw and cleansed chatlogs are attached below, and here is a summary:

Garden Age Expedition and Fun House Show

Jamie Marchant announced two events he is holding during the month: A visit to the garden ages Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal for new players who would like to explore them in a group without spoilers, on Saturday, May 14th, 12:01 KI time; and a magic show in The Fun House neighborhood with an Age mix and an associated marker game, on Saturday May 21st, 12:00 KI time.

Minkata Shard Status and MOUL Forum Anniversary

Minkata Shard administrator rarified gave a quick update on his plans to tackle the database issues that plague the shard. He also mentioned that the day after the meeting, May 8th, marks the 10th anniversary of the Myst Online forum, which was opened by Cyan as one in a series of events leading up to the opening of the second, Gametap-sponsored iteration of Myst Online: URU Live and closing of Untìl Uru. Lire la suite

Portrait de Doobes

All Guilds Meeting - April 2016

It's no late April Fools joke...there was an All Guilds Meeting today!  Once again, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs for reading as well as a summary of what happened:

International Hood

With a bit of a passing of the torch from the former to the latter, Max and Snickuster talked about what the International Hood is about and plans going forward towards a re-opening.  This event is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd, starting at 05:00 KI time with the Australian and Japanese explorers and continuing throughout the day with many of the various countries that make up the community.

Snickuster has asked any and all interested parties from various countries around the globe to come and present a little something pertaining to their home country, sharing the cultures of each.  The topic can be pretty much anything (within reason).  There will also be music in the same multicultural theme, so D'niJs are also welcome.

If you'd like to contribute, you can PM Snickuster with your idea!  For further updates, check the MOUL forum thread.

D'ni Language 101/Story Night

shokhootahn Rehn reminded the crowd about the upcoming D'ni Language 101 classes coming up later this month.  More details can be found on our news post here. Lire la suite

Portrait de Nev'yn

Cavern Criers: New Explorer Info Session

Shorah b'shemtee, or "Peace to everyone", as we like to say as a greeting in the cavern!

Are you a new explorer? Do you want to know more about the restoration of D'ni?  Or maybe you're interested in the various groups, and people of the cavern? Well, here's your chance!

A team sponsored by the various Guilds and groups, with special permission from the DRC, are presenting a special info session for new visitors and explorers just arriving to D'ni for the first time. If you're not a new explorer, don't fret...everyone is welcome to attend the discussion...and perhaps run into some old friends!

Funding is still being arranged to make this a monthly event, so for now, this second Info Session will depart from Kirel on Saturday, April 2nd at approximately 14:00 KI time after the monthly All Guilds Meeting. (That's CET: 10:00 pm / EST: 4:00pm / PST: 1:00p, for those not quite in sync with D'ni time keeping, yet!) Particpants will then be linked to Ae'gura via a special linking process. A designated Messenger will be on hand to direct new explorers with any questions about this process.

Once arriving in the city, the session will begin within few minutes while people are Linked in. If you can't make it this time, not to worry...There will likely be another session sometime within the near future!

Again, welcome to Ae'gura, city of the D'ni. Our team of Cavern Criers look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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Avril 2, 2016 - 14:00

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